VNUG has organised its 12th annual user group bringing together the HP Nonstop community in Aronsborg near Stockholm.
With Nonstop systems being on the market for more than 40 years, the platform has undergone through multiple technological changes to adopt to industry standards both on hardware and software level.

In order to complete modernisation on all levels, it’s time to look at your application software and understand, what you can do to improve the level of integration with the rest of the IT landscape and to improve both user and developer experience,

says Thomas Leeb in his opening. Hans-Fried Kirschbaum (CommitWork) provides and example, what they have done to provide better control over Quality Management in a manufacturing environment.

In a second presentation on behalf of CSP Inc. Thomas talked about improving mangeability of access control through CSP’s Guardian and OSS ACL management solutions Protect XP and Protect UX.

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