LT-CONSULT reseller of ITP Software

LT-CONSULT has signed an agreement with ITP Software Systeme GmbH, Germany based leading provider of software analysis tools, reselling their core solution ITP-Panorama across EMEA.

“The majority of costs generated through the lifecycle of a software product are resulting from ongoing maintenance. While hardware technology has evolved significantly over the past years, software enhancements are often lagging behind our expectations in terms of speed and quality. With ITP we have the pleasure and ability to offer significant acceleration of release cycles and improvement of quality with regard to managing software development, whilst achieving significant costs savings on ongoing maintenance.”, says Thomas Leeb, owner and GM of LT-CONSULT.

“Potential users will not believe how much faster and easier software maintenance can be, before they have seen a life demo of ITP-PANORAMA. Our new partner LT-CONSULT has long-term relationships with large IT users and built up the level of confidence with them that is mandatory to raise the interest for new technology,” says Juergen Overhoff, CEO of ITP in Munich.

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